Confidence Intelligence Inc


Our Focus


The US based office at cupertino was established in the year 2017 which already began to shed light on the bay area gradually. Upon the rising demand of hardware / electronic startups and key technology companies, we have tried our best to tackle any challenges and fulfill their needs.  At Confidence we determines to provide professional electronic product manufacturing services, especially fast-turn prototyping / sampling / mass production delivery in modern industrialization progress. Our products, systems and services enable our customers a unique quality of assembly and help making electric products safer, comfortable, and the world a more sustainable place for our future generations.



Our Services


At Confidence we will be able to offers a wide range of turn-key solutions with competitive price for customers from various backgrounds. The four major scope of business we currently provide are:

  • Telecommunication products, eg. smartphone main boards
  • AiIoT products, eg. Wi-Fi modules, LTE modules
  • Automotive products, eg. automotive controller boards
  • Industrial parts, eg. test station main boards/driver boards

In addition, MES system is also a fundamental option available in all production processes and test environments. Our experience engineers are always prepared and well-positioned to ensure any potential impact on value customers.



To learn more about what we can offer or cooperation, please pay us a visit or send in an email.