Dual Time-Zone


Te better reaching out to our current and potential customers, we have already setup independent offices located in both east and the west hemisphere.

Location What We Offer
Shenzhen, GD China​ Pilot Run
Mass Production
Design & Optimization
Material Purchasing
Global Delivery
Cupertino, CA USA​ Sales Marketing
Technical Support
Local Fast Sample Delivery


Fast Response


Specialists What We Offer
NPI / MP Team Supports Prototype Process
Sampling Process
Mass Production Process



Prototype & Sampling Service


Specific production line for prototype and sampling
Unique NPI engineering team working with customer for prototype, sampling, NPI process
Same production configuration in mass production for focusing on design optimization and troubleshooting
Small quantity order of prototype and sampling (50-200 units) is available
Fast delivery (1-3 days) when materials ready. 24 hours delivery in urgent situation
DFM and QC reports available for customer


Mass Production Capacity


01005 part-size support in all production line
Avg. MP failure rate: 10~50 PPM
SMT daily capacity: 100,000,000 Points
Dispense daily capacity: 500,000 PCs
RF calibration daily capacity: 1,200,000 PCs
ICT/FCT calibration daily capacity: 800,000 PCs
Wave soldering daily capacity: 100,000 PCs
Assembly daily capacity: 100,000 PCs




MES system available in all production process
Traceable MFT & test based on QR code cloud
Ai-IoT module and smartphone mainboard RF full-band calibration available for 4G/3G/GSM/CDMA/WIFI/BT/GPS
Full auto-functional test  and package line with customizable fixture
ICT test
Reliability test available for temperature / drop / salt spray / transportation / aging


We look forward to your enquiries & cooperations